MMBN5 ShadowManEXE

ShadowMan.EXE, art from Mega Man Battle Network 5.

ShadowMan.EXE is a character and boss from the Mega Man Battle Network series of RPG games. He is a ninja NetNavi operated by Dusk (Dark Miyabi in the Japanese version) and was an optional boss in the first game, but had a much larger role in the sequel. He was also the mentor of Dark Scythe. ShadowMan.EXE is the Battle Network series' version of Shadow Man from the original Mega Man series.


ShadowMan is one of the most feared Navis on the net, but only to the select few that have heard of or experienced his exploits. His operator Dusk is extremely secretive, and little is known about either him or his Navi, except they'll do anything for enough money. For ShadowMan, "anything" means what it means, because almost nothing is impossible for this highly skilled assassin (except trying to delete MegaMan).

His Muramasa blade gains strength as he damages opponents, so even if he is in a tight spot, he can quickly get the advantage back. With his nearly impenetrable Kawarimi defense, it's rare he ever has to use the blade, since enemies often attack illusions instead of the real ShadowMan, or have to fight minions provided by whoever hired him. If they do successfully attack the real ShadowMan, he then resorts to sending out his cronies, which often causes difficult situations.

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