Shun is a anime character exclusive to the Street Fighter movie Street Fighter Alpha: The Animation where he is Ryu's supposed little brother. He shows up at Gouken's house asking if his big brother is there. Shortly afterwards, Ryu and Ken Masters show up to visit, only to find Shun telling Ryu that he is his younger brother.

History Edit

Shun started to travel once his mother passed away. He states that he and Ryu's mother died, and she always had wanted to meet him. Since then, he decided to meet Ryu in honor of his mother. But near the end, he said that he was a fake brother, though this may have been a lie to anger Ryu. It is unknown if Shun died or if he is still alive and mearly fainted from being overwhelmed by the Dark Hadou power.

Fighting Style and Personality Edit

Shun is a hyper, energetic kid with a headstrong mind and a will to be strong. He hates being held back or not getting what he wants. He's quick and strong despite his girth. He is also skilled at martial arts. Despite being a kid, he has a black belt in the same style as Ryu. He's also shown to have the skills to use ki. This is seen when he starts getting possessed by the Dark Hadou.

Trivia Edit

  • Shun carries a picture of his mother and him when he was younger with a signature of Ryu. The signature is in Ryu's handwriting.

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