Simone, art by Kinu Nishimura.
Full Name Simone
Birthdate Unknown[1]
Birthplace France[1]
Height 172 cm[1]
Weight 78 kg[1]
Blood Type AB[1]
Likes Zen meditation[1]
Dislikes Noisy places[1]
Measurements (Bust, Waist, Hip)
Fighting Style

Simone (シモーヌ?) is a character from the multi-directional shooter game Cannon Spike. She is one of the eight playable characters and one of the two "original" characters in the game along with Shiba. Simone is based on Linn Kurosawa from the Alien vs. Predator video game developed by Capcom.

Profile Edit

A cyborg with superhuman strength, she works along with Arthur to complete her mission.

Trivia Edit



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