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DMC4 SE Sparda

Sparda as seen in Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition.

Sparda is a character from the Devil May Cry series. He was a powerful demon warrior of great power that rebelled against the demon emperor Mundus and defeated his army. He is also the father of Dante and Vergil and the husband of their human mother Eva.

Profile Edit

Appearance Edit

In his human disguise, Sparda was a tall, handsome man with blue eyes, a young face, and slicked-back white hair. He is shown to have worn a purple Victorian outfit with a white cravat, a large red jewel around his neck, and a monocle over his left eye. While riding into battle on horseback, he would wear armor reminiscent of his demon form.

In his true form, Sparda was a slightly-larger-than-human-sized, vaguely insectoid demon with clawed hands, a scaly hide, a pair of downward facing ram horns, chiropteran wings with beetle-like wings underneath, hooves for feet, and reptilian spines protruding from his back. Parts of his body appeared to be made of grey scales with accents of red and purple. He also had gold veins on his hands and arms, chest, shoulders and back, a red diamond eye shaped gem in the center of his forehead, and skull-shaped gold knees and elbow guards with small horns. His most notable feature were his slit-like eyes, which glowed red and did not have pupils. He is often shown wreathed in fire, although it is uncertain if he was simply impervious to it or if he summoned it.

DmC Sparda Edit

In Ninja Thoery's reimagining game, Sparda was once a powerful demon king, who once worked alongside Mundus, his blood brother, as his right-hand man and most trusted lieutenant during the former's rise to power over 9,000 years prior to Dante and Vergil's birth.

However, he eventually fell in love with the angel Eva, and the happy pair were gifted with twin sons, Dante and Vergil. For the crime of bringing Nephilim into the world, Mundus sent his hunters after Sparda and Eva, and eventually tracked him down to his mansion, Paradise. During the attack, Eva was killed by Mundus while Sparda took Dante and Vergil away from their home, erasing their memories and hiding them, separately, among the humans in order to protect them. Sparda was eventually captured by the demons and condemned to endure eternal punishment and pain as a prisoner of Mundus.

Trivia Edit

  • Sparda wore purple as his trademark color and his sons, Dante and Vergil, wear red and blue respectively. The two colors, when combined, create purple.
  • So far, it is unknown how Sparda actually died, Dante also believed that there was confusion surrounding his father and his legacy.
  • Nero, the protagonist of Devil May Cry 4, is blood-linked to Sparda and bears a strong resemblance to both Vergil and Dante in appearance. While the exact details of this have yet to be officially established by Capcom, it was allegedly confirmed that Nero is Vergil's son at "Captivate 2009" by one of the Capcom employees who worked on the game's localization.[1] This means that Nero is the grandson of Sparda and Eva.

References Edit

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