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Below is a list of Special Weapons obtained by defeating the Robot Masters in the game Mega Man 8, how Mega Man can use them to his advantage and the Robot Master/boss who is the most vulnerable to them.

Special Weapons
Name Astro Crush
Robot MasterAstro Man
Abilities Creates a meteor storm that hits all enemies on the screen, and Mega Man is invincible for a short time when using it.
Against Aqua Man
Name Flame Sword
Robot MasterSword Man
Abilities A close-range weapon capable of igniting obstacles and enemies.
Against Search Man, Frost Man
Name Flash Bomb
Robot MasterGrenade Man
Abilities When it hits a wall or an enemy, its explosion stays on the screen for a while, causing multiple hits. Can also light dark areas.
Against Frost Man
Name Homing Sniper
Robot MasterSearch Man
Abilities A crosshair appears on an enemy it's locked on and a missile shoots out to it. Chargeable.
Against Astro Man
Name Ice Wave
Robot MasterFrost Man
Abilities Sends a flow of ice along the floor until it hits a wall. It can freeze enemies and even damage some of them.
Against Tengu Man
Name Thunder Claw
Robot MasterClown Man
Abilities Shoots out a stretching beam of electricity which Mega Man can attach to hooks and swing from them.
Against Grenade Man
Name Tornado Hold
Robot MasterTengu Man
Abilities Drops a fan on the ground that creates a tornado that can trap and/or damage enemies.
Against Clown Man
Name Water Balloon
Robot MasterAqua Man
Abilities Sends a sphere of water at a low arc.
Against Sword Man

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