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Steel Massimo is a playable character in the game Mega Man X: Command Mission. He has heavy olive green armor and uses lances, appearing like some sort of mechanized behemoth knight. Massimo aids X, Axl and Zero in their quest. He shares many similarities with other Capcom knights, such as Arthur, Maximo, and even Tadakatsu Honda in both his appearance and movements.

Abilities Edit

Naturally, pure power is Massimo's strength. However, he has a severe disadvantage when it comes to Force Metals, which are acquirable attachments that boost the player's stats in some way. He only has two slots for them. He is also weaker to Elemental attacks than the other team members.

Massimo's Berserk Charge Trigger Action is fairly simple to perform. The higher the Weapon Energy when activated, the more time the player has to charge up the attack.

Hyper Mode Edit

His Glint Armor Hyper Mode is a temporary power-up. During this mode, his Life Energy maximum is increased by half, and his Power, Armor and Shield ratings all get boosts. He also gains more Weapon Energy per round while in Hyper Mode. This mode is naturally best saved for use against bosses.

Notes Edit

Although he is called and even refers to himself as "Steel Massimo" in the game, Massimo is really a Reploid who has donned the armor of the "real" Steel Massimo, slain by Silver Horn. As such, he doesn't always feel that he is worthy of that moniker.

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