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Strider 2 (Strider Hiryu 2 in Japan) is the 1999 sequel to Strider and part of the Strider series.
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Characters Edit

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  • Kuniang M.A. Team - A trio of work-for-hire skilled martial artists, who possess incredible physical strength. They can create blades of plasma (as strong as Hiryu's Cypher) out of their kicks. The trio is conformed by leader and middle sister Tong Pooh, elder sister Pei Pooh and younger sister Sai Pooh. They work with the Chinese Mafia in their attempt to stop Hiryu, but are defeated.
  • Strider Hien - A former Strider and Hiryu's comrade-in-arms, Hien joined Grandmaster Meio out of jealousy for Hiryu's strength and status as the youngest Special A-Class Strider. He was also behind the sabotage that led to the Striders being wiped out. Hiryu fights against Hien twice during the course of the game, and he is an unlockable character in the PlayStation version. His weapon are twin "Range Cypher", which can be joined together and thrown at enemies like a boomerang. In his boss form he can use several unique attacks with both Cyphers, but becomes vulnerable once he throws them at Hiryu.
  • Herzog Schlange - A german mad scientist and the lord of Fortress Wahnen. A loyal follower, he devises twisted machines for Grandmaster Meio. He's not a fighter, instead commanding a giant mechanical Hydra to fight Hiryu in his place.
  • Admiral Wilhelm - High-ranking officer from Grandmaster Meio's army and the captain of the Flying Battleship Balrog. An expert swordsman, he fights Hiryu with a plasma sword, employing similar tactics to him.

Gameplay Edit

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In Strider 2, the player takes control of a Super A Ranked Strider code named Hiryu who wields a deadly plasma-ejecting sword known as a "Cypher", as he completes missions assigned to him. There are three starting selectable missions, with a fourth unlocked by completing them. Defeating the fourth mission unlocks the final mission where Hiryu will have to face off with powerful bosses which includes the rogue Strider Hien, Grandmaster Meio and a bioweapon named Caduceus. By completing all the missions, the player will unlock Strider Hien, who wields two the twin "Range Cyphers", as a playable character. The PlayStation port includes an extra sixth mission, Mission 00, unlocked after beating the original Strider included in a 2nd CD.

There are also special and powerful skills which will ease the player on their mission. Included are the Savage Slash (Midare-Giri in Japanese), Hassou Jump, Boost (unlimited if the game is beaten using Hien), and rapid slash.

Trivia Edit

  • Strider Hien, along with Hiryu, Tong Pooh, Solo and Grandmaster Meio, appeared in the crossover strategy-RPG game Namco ✕ Capcom.
  • Hiryu's sprite design in Strider 2 was based off his redesigned sprite from the Marvel vs. Capcom series.


Planner: Atsushi Tomita, Yo Td Fukuda, Masahiro Nakano, Nuki
Programmer: Tutomu Urago, Kazuhiko Komori, Kiyoko Arikichi, Shigeru Kato, Hero Hero, Kazuo Yamawaki, Meijin, Y.Shindome
Scroll Design: Yasuto Takahashi, Takako Nakamura, Yasuhiro Yamamoto, Tanopu (TT), Akiko Hongo
Object Design: Hiroaki Minobe, Naoki Fukushima, G.Kamina, Miwa♥Sakaguchi, T, SHinya Miyamoto, Masanori Kondo, Y・Yamamoto, Masayuki Maeda 04, Hiro, Kaeru♪Nagashima, Akita, Tomomall.S, Toshihiro Suzuki, Narancia, r., Masaru_N, Kikutani, T.Ohsumi, Michiru, Kitasan
Design: Shoei (logo designer),Nezumi Otoko (sub charactor & enemy designer),Harumaru (main visual illustrator)
Music Compose: Setsuo, Etsuko
Sound Effect: Ryoji, Sandou
Voice Actor: Kousuke Toriumi, Kan Tokumaru, Toshihide Tsuchiya, Hozumi Tokuda
Special Thanks: Sakomizu, and Capcom All Staff
Producer: Noritaka Funamizu
General Producer: Yoshiki Okamoto
Presented by: Capcom

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