TaleSpin (sometimes listed as Disney's TaleSpin) is a 2D platformer developed by Capcom for the NES in 1991. It is based on the Disney cartoon of the same name (which in turn is loosely based on the Disney film The Jungle Book, which itself was based on short stories by Rudyard Kipling). A Game Boy version was released in 1992.

Re-released in 2017 as part of the Disney Afternoon Collection.

Characters Edit

TaleSpin key art

Key art.

  • Baloo
  • Kit
  • Don Karnage
  • Blaster
  • The Weasel
  • Brutus
  • Rebecca Cunningham - (non-playable)
  • Molly Cunningham - (non-playable)

Credits Edit

Like other NES Disney-licensed titles, this game lacks a credits sequence for the game's staff. Music composition was personally confirmed to be done by Minae Fujii.

Gallery Edit

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