Titanic Tim
Titanic Tim Icon
Full Name Unknown
Birthplace London, England
Height 7' 9"
Weight 432 lbs.
Blood Type
Dislikes Small people
Measurements (Bust, Waist, Hip)
Fighting Style

Titanic Tim (Titan the Great in Japan) is a character from the Slam Masters series of wrestling games.


Titanic Tim is the largest-size newcomer of the CWA. Weighing over 5 kg at birth, by the time he graduated from elementary school he was over 6'3". He started wrestling as a means to fully utilize his body. According to his American bio, he hates small people and is typically mistaken for a disco reject. His unique attack skill is the neck chokehold.


  • One of his rivals is Birdie of Street Fighter fame.
    • When he and Birdie were a tag team, they went by the name "500 Trillion Powers", a parody of the mid-80s Randy Savage/Hulk Hogan tag team The Mega Powers.
    • The tag team name could also possibly be a play off of the "20 Million Powers", a tag team from the wrestling manga series Kinnikuman.
  • Titanic Tim seems to have been loosely based on the late Japanese wrestler/promoter Giant Baba. His USA name is a wordplay on Tiny Tim. It is also a reference to the RMS Titanic, the infamous tourist ship that struck an iceberg and sank in 1912.
    • It's also possible that he was inspired by '90s FMW wrestler Big Titan (Rick Bognar,) sharing a similar hairstyle, body type, and a double-handed elevated windpipe choke.
  • His stage location is London, England, and his nickname is "The Strongest Last Giant".


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