Some fans, made Daigo Kazama from Rival Schools has compared to Jin Kazama and his father, Kazuya Mishima from Tekken.

What do you think if both Kazamas fight one on one?

Here's the difference between both Kazamas in different games.

Daigo was Akira's older brother who's height was 6'6" and fights "Undeterminable". He was compared to Jin and his father Kazuya from Tekken. But he simply cares for his sister, Akira. I called him a "Big Kazama" due to his height and his fighting style. But whenever he wass seen having his arm crossed, he was compared to Kazuya in a few ways due to his win animation. 

Jin however, is the son of both Jun Kazama and Kazuya Mishima who's height is 5'11" and fights in "Traditional Karate" after he discards his original fighting style of both Advanced Mishima-Style Fighting Karate and Kazama-Style Traditional Martial Arts. Jin is also being compared from Ryu in Street Fighter series. I called him a "Small Kazama" because his height is the same as Kyosuke Kagami's. 

Both Kazamas actually had this fighting style in any way. The prime example of their fight is in my fic, "Warrior and the Iron Fists" in

What do you think of their confrontation or their own challenge in a fight?

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