Varth: Operation Thunderstorm is an arcade game in the vertical scrolling shooter genre, published in 1992. The game did not see a console port following its initial release, but 14 years later Digital Eclipse Software would port the game onto the PlayStation 2, PSP and Xbox as part of the Capcom Classics Collection Vol. 2.

Characters Edit

  • Casber Rublan - A fighter for the resistance. One-time B+ class pilot. Quite the comedian, his quick wit and unique style are well-loved by his friends. A little on the slim side, he does not fit the stereotypical "soldier" mold. Casber usually wears the liberation bandana around his head. His fighter plane is the Tanikura F7W Saber.
  • Felry Carnihum - A fighter for the resistance. Former acrobatic flying instructor. The daughter of a pilot, Felry has been flying all her life and piloting her own plane since she was a teenager. She greatly distrusted the complete control which man was giving to the machines and her distrust was proven accurate. A talented engineer, she joined the reconditioning team to prepare the two planes. She has no battle experience, but sports a unique style of flying. Her fighter plane is the Dakao M-2451 Scimitar.

Cameos Edit

  • Perhaps the most well-known cameo in Varth is in the fourth level. By a section of grass and pipes on the satellite's lower-right section, Ryu from the Street Fighter series will appear and perform a Shoryuken. Continuing to fire on Ryu until he disappears will yield a large amount of power-ups.
  • The Player One character from Side Arms Hyper Dyne appears as an item that will destroy all on-screen enemies when collected.
  • Capcom's signature Yashichi item, originally from Vulgus, makes an appearance in Varth as a power-up that raises a plane's weaponry to its maximum level.


Planner: Vally Dack Kelbon, Natural Sai Sai, Nijigen Mouri, Odds Maker Maetake
Scroll Design: Kintaro, Kuramoyan, Maru Chan, Mon Chan
Object Design: Kurata N, Manbou, Hanisawa, Ume
Programmer: Ohuchi, Meijin T, Hac, Ecchiro Okosama, Komorichie Darkside
Sound: T Yomage, P, Bull
Special Thanks: Mikiman, Haruchan, Iwai, Yokozo Yokota, Yusuke, Scott Madman Maxwell, Sho, Sadamoyan, Blbon, Mushikae Wakky, Erlingr Ogachy, Hekoki Ant Zaby, CBX
Director: Kihaji, Poo, Nin
Producer: Kihaji
Presented by: Capcom

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