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The Villagers are enemies featured in Resident Evil 4.

They were once peaceful residents of a rural community, until they were exposed to parasites. From that point, they became ruthless savages under Osmund Saddler's control. They continue to carry out farming duties, although the living conditions of their village are very unsanitary. When Leon S. Kennedy first arrives at the village, he is immediately attacked by one of the villagers after questioning the villager about Ashley Graham's whereabouts.

The Ganados' arsenal is comprised mostly of farming tools, and includes pitchforks, hatchets, sickles, knives and dynamite. Upon completion of the game, a series of sketches posing as the background for the credits serves as a flashback of the earlier days of the village. What was once a community distanced from the modern world, populated with farmers and their children, became corrupt as Osmund Saddler arrived. The workers were infected with spores during the Plaga excavation, causing families to become savage and turn against one another. According to the booklet included with the Biohazard 4: Incubate DVD, the children of the villagers died after they were injected with the Plaga parasites by Saddler.


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