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Vulgus is a vertically scrolling shooter released by Capcom in 1984. It has the distinction of being Capcom's first video or arcade game, and is included on the third volume of Capcom Generations and later on Capcom Classics Collection.

Gameplay Edit

Vulgus (1984 Capcom)15:08

Vulgus (1984 Capcom)

Vulgus is a very simple concept where the player takes control of a space ship cruising over an alien landscape. The weapon is a simple blaster shot with a infinite amount. There is also a limited supply of missiles that can be replenished with the POW icons on screen.

The game also allows players to increase the playfield by moving the craft to the left or right while the game scrolls up.

Trivia Edit

  • The Yashichi, which is usually either a power-up or extra life item, made the first of its many appearances in this game as an enemy. The POW item also appeared in many games.
  • The unreleased Titan Warriors was developed as a spiritual successor to Vulgus.

Credits Edit

Vulgus, like many other games during this era of gaming, credited its staff in its default Score Ranking Table, which is as follows:

Ver. 1Edit

  • 1st 50000 T.T
  • 2nd 48900 M.K
  • 3rd 43700 Y.M
  • 4th 38000 A.F
  • 5th 32500 S.O

Ver. 2Edit

  • 1st 50000 T.Toyohara
  • 2nd 48900 M.Kimura..
  • 3rd 43700 Y.Morita..
  • 4th 38000 A.Fukuda..
  • 5th 32500 S.Okada...

Arcade Flyer Edit

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