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Willow is a 1989 video game developed by Capcom for the Arcade and the NES, based on the 1988 film of the same name.


Arcade VersionEdit

Planning: Kawanorider, Deru Deru Itoh
Programming: Professor Arai, Queen Tomita, Yokoyan, Ueyan
Character Design: Frunky Kazu, Bakuhatsu Yokozo, Terukun, Hiramacho, Kuribow, Puttsun Midori, Sadakichi, Oyuu, Rinma, Okachan
Music Compose: Ogeretu Kun
Hard Design: Kucchan
Direction: Kihaji Okamoto
Presented by: Capcom, Lucasfilm Ltd.

NES Version [Staff]

Game Design: A.K
Program: David Boøwy, Moe
Visual Design: Manashi, Yuki, Nagineko
Monster Design: Tom-Pon, Fish Man, Tall Nob
Sound Program: Harumi
Special Thanks: Hearty.J, Makichan
Supervision: Lucasfilm, Capcom U.S.A., Capcom


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