The Yashichi is a trademark shuriken-like emblem found in many Capcom video games. It often restores the player's health or acts as a bonus point item. The symbol is an orange circle decorated with a stylized white cross that resembles a pinwheel.

The item appeared first in 1984, in Capcom's first title, Vulgus, as an enemy (it was also featured in Capcom's fifth title, Exed Exes, in a similar role). Since then, it has been featured in many other games in a far more benign role; in particular, it appeared in Mega Man as an item which fully restored health and weapon energy. It once again serves the same purpose in the series' most recent installment, Mega Man 10, and can only be found on the game's Easy difficulty setting.

List of Games featuring the YashichiEdit


Cammy with the Yashichi in a promotional art for 1942.


Side Arms Hyper Dyne.

CFE Hydron Ending

Hydron's Capcom Fighting Evolution ending.


Thanks, in part, to Giant Bomb for the information.

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