Yasuhisa Watanabe (渡部 恭久) is a renowned video game music composer originally employed by Taito (and part of its in-house band Zuntata as its keyboardist). Works with the company include Syvalion, Gun Frontier, Metal Black, and Fighters' Impact, many of which he was credited by his alias, Yack.

Following this he joined Arika, where he produced a few tracks for Street Fighter EX2 Plus (albeit uncredited) and EX3 and later became a member of SuperSweep alongside his colleagues (all of whom also contributed to the Street Fighter Tribute Album).

Since then, all four Street Fighter EX sound members had joined GeOnDan (now disbanded), though Watanabe is no longer a member of SuperSweep.

Production HistoryEdit

Song CreditsEdit

Street Fighter EX2 Plus (Arcade Version)

  • Before Moon -- Composition & Arrangement

Street Fighter EX2 Plus (PSX Version)

  • Before Moon ~Wilderness Stage -- Composition & Arrangement

Street Fighter EX3

  • Attract Demo -- Composition & Arrangement
  • Player Select -- Composition & Arrangement
  • Move -- Composition & Arrangement
  • Add on Love Tree -- Arrangement
  • Burry Home -- Composition & Arrangement
  • Harem Beat -- Composition & Arrangement
  • Cute Mafia -- Composition & Arrangement

Street Fighter Tribute Album

  • Balrog Stage -- Arranged & Remixed by