Yasumasa Kitagawa (北川 保昌) is a former Konami sound composer and musician who joined Capcom.

Kitagawa has contributed to the video game industry since 1997 with titles such as the Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon series (1997-1998) as well as the Jikkyou Powerful Pro Yakyuu series (2003-2005). Within this period he has also produced some original work under the alias myu~.

He is also a part of the sound unit Rock-Men along with Masahiro Aoki, and as such, put out an album in late 2011 and again the following year.

Production HistoryEdit

Song CreditsEdit

Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars

  • Across the Border 2010 -- Arrangement

Capcom Music Collection Vol.1

  • self-realization (Senjo no Ookami Arrange Version) -- Arrangement

We are Rock-Men!

  • We are Rock-Men! -- Composition & Arrangement
  • Game Start -- Bass
  • Opening Stage -- Bass
  • Ending -- Bass
  • Stage Select -- Arrangement, Bass
  • Dark Man Stage (Side-D) -- Arrangement, Bass
  • Flash Man Stage -- Arrangement, Bass
  • Ending -- Arrangement, Bass
  • Title -- Arrangement, Bass
  • Flutter vs. Gesellschaft -- Bass

We are Rock-Men! 2

  • Metamorphose -- Composition & Arrangement
  • Dr. Wily Stage 1 -Omegaman Mix- -- Arrangement (w/Masahiro Aoki)
  • Snake Man Stage -- Arrangement
  • Theme of Rockman EXE -- Arrangement
  • Sky Wave -- Arrangement
  • Metamorphose feat. Dimension -- Composition & Arrangement

Rockman Dystopia

  • Vertical Resonance -- Arrangement

Rockman.EXE 15th Arrange Best Track

  • Virus Busting -- Arrangement

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