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Yoko Suzuki

Yoko Suzuki is a character from the Resident Evil survival horror games. She is one of the playable characters from Resident Evil Outbreak and Resident Evil Outbreak: File 2 which are spin-offs of the main games.

Biography Edit

Yoko is a former Umbrella Corporation employee, and a survivor of the outbreak of the T-Virus in Raccoon City. As the result of her studies, she is extremely knowledgeable about computers. She has a quiet, reserved personality, but the strength of her inquisitive mind emerges with a surprising toughness.

Personality Edit

A mysterious young woman, Yoko claimed to be a 20 year old student of Raccoon City's prestigious local university. An expert with computers, she is a somewhat shy and softspoken person, although she is prone to bouts of uncharacteristic bravery when it is needed the most. Once focused on something, she will relentlessly pursue her goal until it is achieved. In her spare time, she collects various kinds of gadgetry and is a voracious reader.

It was later discovered that Yoko was originally employed, presumably as a computer technician, in William Birkin's laboratory underneath Raccoon City. She was also one of the subjects who donated cells to the project that would create the Tyrant. Subsequently, Yoko was operated upon by an Umbrella researcher named Greg Mueller, to suppress her memories of the experiment.

After escaping Raccoon City, Yoko suddenly regains her memory as she watches it being bombed, and goes on to testify against Umbrella in court with Linda Washington. Yoko declares that she is fulfilled now, and even though there are many things to do, that they may be hard, she feels like she's made progress.

Appearance Edit

During the Outbreak, Yoko wears a black singlet with a long sleeved green over-shirt, denim blue jeans and brown shoes.

In the intro movie to the Outbreak scenario at J's Bar, Yoko is seen heading to the bathroom wearing glasses, an Umbrella uniform and has long hair. She is then attacked by a zombie while cutting her hair (most likely to change her appearance).

She is the only character to have five unlockable Alternate Outfits: "Gym Class", "Spring Fashion" and "J's Bar Disguise" from Outbreak, and "Workers' Republic" and "Summer Daze" from File 2.

To unlock and purchase three of these costumes, special items which are scattered throughout various scenarios at varying difficulty levels in both games must be found. "J's Bar Disguise" is unlocked after completing any scenario on any difficulty as Yoko. To unlock "Summer Daze", players must first clear Elimination 3.

"Gym Class" Alternate Outfit:

Exercise Uniform Outbreak - E
Exercise Shoes The Hive - H/VH
Gym Shorts Decisions, Decisions - H/VH

"Spring Fashion" Alternate Outfit:

Cute Sneakers Below Freezing Point - H/VH
Green Dress Hellfire - E/N
"Workers' Republic" Alternate Outfit:
Kung Fu Shoes Wild Things - H
Chinese Cap Underbelly - VH
Kung Fu Pants Flashback - E
Kung Fu Top Desperate Times - VH
"Simple Chinese" End of the Road - N


Best Partners Edit

Personal Items Edit

  • Knapsack - (Outbreak and Outbreak: File # 2) - In addition to the usual four items, Yoko can carry another four items in her Knapsack. Items in the Knapsack, however, cannot be used until switched back into the main inventory.
  • Charm - (Outbreak: File # 2 only) - Yoko (or anyone else in possession of this Charm) gains a few additional abilities. Enemies are prevented from slaying the Charm holder with instant death attacks, although severe damage is still incurred. Plus, viral infection rate rises at 75% of the character's normal infection rate. For these reasons, Yoko as a non-playable partner will not relinquish her favorite Charm so easily.

Special Actions Edit

  • Escape - (Outbreak and Outbreak: File # 2) - Holding the R1 button and pressing X as an enemy approaches will make Yoko spin and scamper away. The distance she moves from the enemy depends on how long the X button is held.
  • Push Away - (Outbreak: File # 2 only) - Holding the R1 button and pressing Circle will make Yoko push away a humanoid-size or larger enemy. Holding the Circle button longer will make her execute a more powerful push.

Trivia Edit

  • If the player does not play as Yoko in the scenario "Below Freezing Point" in the first Outbreak game, she becomes a zombie and attacks.

Gallery Edit

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