Basara 2 Yoshimoto


Yoshimoto Imagawa (also known as Muri) is a character from Devil Kings, its sequel Sengoku BASARA 2 and the sequel's update Sengoku BASARA 2: Heroes.


In the games, Yoshimoto wears a mask and seems childish and cowardly, but will fight when ultimately cornered. Yoshimoto was a brother-in-law to Shingen Takeda due to an alliance via marriage proposal. When facing him on the battlefield, the player will often be met with decoys, until the real Yoshimoto reveals himself. He is eventually murdered by Nobunaga in the storyline of the series. Yoshimoto wields a giant fan and his element is light.


  • Seven Colors Farewell - (なないろ舞晴台 Nanairoharebutai) - Yoshimoto does a disco step and strikes multiple enemies at a time.
  • Floating Mystery Whim - (きまぐれ浮扇 Kimakure Ukiouki) - Yoshimoto launches up to five fans that sweeps out enemies and knocks them away.



  • In the original Sengoku BASARA game, his element was fire.
  • One of his unlockable alternate costumes is a Santa Claus suit.