Zeku, as he appears in Street Fighter V'
Full Name
Birthdate December 29[1]
Birthplace Japan[1]
Height 5'11¼" (181 cm)[1][2][3]
Weight 196 lbs (89 kg)[1][2][3]
Blood Type A[1]
Likes Watches, potato chips[1][2] his disciple Guy
Dislikes Stiff shoulders[1]
Measurements (Bust, Waist, Hip)
Fighting Style Bushinryu Ninjutsu[1]

Master Zeku (是空師匠 / ゼクウししょう Zekū-shishō?) is a video game character from the Street Fighter series, first appearing in Street Fighter Alpha 2 as a non-playable character before making his playable debut as the final character of the second DLC season of Street Fighter V.[4] Zeku was formerly the 38th grandmaster of the school of Bushinryu Ninjutsu, after being succeeded by his pupil Guy, he set out on a journey of self-discovery.



Zeku has long white/grey (brown in his younger form) hair with full fringes covering his eyes. In the Alpha series, his hair is depicted as brown and his outfit is identical to Guy's but it is green. In the UDON comics, Zeku is portrayed with a moustache.

In Street Fighter V, Zeku wears a traditional yellow vest with a dark blue long sleeved ninja garb which is tied in a yellow obi, matching dark blue traditional pants and open-toed boots. In his younger alternate self, he wears a dark blue ninja suit with half sleeves and wears a red ninja scarf to cover his mouth. He also has a red sash which is tied into a obi as the sash in each side are hanging loose.


While Zeku can be seen as just a simple serious and stern teacher, he do have a youthful attitude. Yet, he still have a pure and strong sense of justice. His past experiences on sparring his former master Genryuusai was influenced through his former disciple turned successor, Guy.


Zeku shares many similarities and thematic elements with another Capcom character; Hiryu from the Strider series.[5]

  • His younger form bears strong physical resemblance to Hiryu, notably being his wavy red scarf, messy brown hair, and blue garb with red kanji located on the breast. This is even more noticeable in his Battle costume.
  • His theme contains musical cues taken from the opening theme of Strider.
  • During his intro, Zeku flies into the stage using a parachute-kite, similiar to Hiryu's glider entrances.
  • His Critical Art closely resembles Hiryu's Hyper Combo in the Marvel vs. Capcom series, Ragnarok.
  • Zeku's special moves Sankaku Tobi and Hassou Tobi parrallel Hiryu's moves Triangle Jump and Hassou Jump respectively.
  • His forward jump is exactly the same as Hiryu's.
  • During Zeku's special kicks, the same slicing sound that Hiryu uses in some of his moves can be heard.

Its currently unknown whether these connections mean that the Strider series exists within the same shared universe as the Street Fighter series or that they are just homages.



Zeku was the 38th Successor of the Bushinryu Ninjutsu school. He became the Grandmaster after defeating his former teacher Genryusai, but refused to kill him[citation needed] as the Bushinryu commandments deemed because he saw him as a father. Although Genryusai had focused primarily on Ninjutsu, Zeku had improved the style by incorporating a variety of Taijutsu techniques on it.[1]

Street Fighter Alpha 2Edit

Zeku then became the teacher of Guy, and taught the young Japanese-American ninja all he knew. Eventually he and his student would battle to see if Guy was worthy of being the 39th Successor of the Bushinryu school. Guy won, and allowed Zeku to go on his own path after passing on the grandmaster title, like how Zeku before him refused to kill Genryusai. Zeku was proud of his disciple and ordained him the 39th Successor of Bushinryu Ninpo. He then disappeared.

Street Fighter VEdit



Gameplay Edit

Fighting styleEdit

Zeku fights using Bushinryu Ninjutsu, although he improves the style by incorporating a variety of Taijutsu techniques on it.[1]


As a "traditional" ninja, Zeku's moves are similar to that of fellow ninjas like Guy and Ibuki. He is also able to transform to his younger self using his V-Skill or a down-down motion.


  • Despite his connection to Guy and the Bushinryu style, Zeku never actually appeared in the Final Fight series.
  • Of all the playable characters in the franchise, Zeku has the biggest moveset (41 in total).



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